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Timber is by nature a renewable resource when managed effectively.  Its’ variety, strength and working flexibility is hard to beat and its’ warmth makes it incredibly livable. 

The timber industry in Australia is well regulated, with a strong focus on managing growth and regrowth.  As required, Calco Trusses and Timber will source international product, being mindful of its origin and any sustainability issues.

The process of prefabrication does not use high volumes of energy / water.  Our equipment is kept current and well maintained with an onsite mechanic, thereby ensuring the most efficient use of energy available. 

Waste Management

Calco Trusses and Timber’s approach to waste management is to:


Factory efficiencies ensure the most appropriate length of timber is used each time, minimizing waste and containing costs.


Waste is contained to separate areas dependent on type.  Using a heat strapping machine, we reuse plastic strapping from supplier packs to strap our prefabrication, reusing waste and ensuring a well secured product. Plastic pack wrap is reused where possible.


All waste plastic and steel is kept separate and recycled.  Our waste timber is taken to a company that uses it to produce wood fiber pellets for fuelling furnaces.

For more information on the benefits of using timber, visit the Wood. Naturally Better. (website: