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Roof Trusses in Geelong

Roof Trusses in Geelong

Calco Trusses and Timber’s prefabricated roof trusses provide the most economical roof framing method in the market today.  All orders are custom manufactured for a perfect fit resulting in reduced labor costs and substantial time savings.

As an engineered product, you can rest assured that the quality and performance of our roof trusses will enable you to finish your building faster and help you to stay on track with the most demanding construction schedules, from large scale commercial projects through to the family home.

Our recently upgraded truss factory is managed with a strong focus on continuous improvement. We constantly source new equipment to ensure efficiencies and quality, as well as increased capacity for work. For more information on roof trusses in Geelong contact us directly on 03 5221 1655



Calco Trusses and Timber supply Wall Frames that are individually designed to meet your needs and we engineer them using the latest Mitek 20/20 software to meet Australian Standards, which assures the strength and flexibility of your walls.

To enable the most efficient and easiest erection on site, a fully detailed wall frame layout is supplied, matching exactly to all individually labelled wall components.

Our wall detailers have extensive experience and knowledge and are happy to discuss the finer details of your project.


Flooring Systems

Whether you are after Posistruts or a bearer and joist floor system we can find a solution for you.


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