Community Centre Exposed Trusses

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Exposed Glulam Trusses for Community Hub

Calco recently hand made these beautiful exposed glulam trusses for a Community Hub built by H Troon.

See photos below:

These feature trusses were 10 metres in length and constructed from Spotted Gum glue laminated timber and were assembled using custom made steel plates.

We were able to cut and drill all of the material on our state of the art CNC cutting machinery. This enabled precise location of all holes to match exactly with the steel connection plates. A lot of loving care and attention went into the manufacture and it enabled all of our current production and detailing staff to see what is possible for those clients who are looking for that special addition to their project.

Troon has sealed the trusses with a clear varnish so everyone who uses the hub can enjoy the timber.

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