Group 4 visit to Calco

Friday, November 02, 2018

On October 10th we hosted Tony Moussa, Luke Jones, Jay Di Paola & Steve Kolar from Group Four Building Surveyors for the morning for a meet and greet to help foster effective outcomes for our mutual clients.

We found that Group Four shared our enthusiasm for continuous improvement and our innovative approach to residential construction.

The meeting provided the opportunity for us to convey how the Group Four inspectors could assist our detailers with constructive communication and how we could improve our detailing and production processes to provide the best possible product and lessen the likelihood of inspection failings.

We concluded the meeting with a tour of the production plant to enable the inspectors to see the intricate production process of wall frames and roof trusses and also showcased our quality control, quality assurance and continuous improvement initiatives within the plant.

We thank Tony and his team for their attendance and commitment to ensuring we unite to make real steps towards a more prosperous future for our internal and external customers.

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